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Housewarming gift edible flower seed kit


Image of Housewarming gift edible flower seed kit

Some flowers are not only beautiful, but can also be added to salads and veggies mix for an extra kick of color. Many gourmet restaurants are frequently using flowers to spice up their most delicate food with some additional flavors and colors.
You can easily imitate them by growing these flowers yourself, using our easy-to-grow kit of edible flowers.

What do I get in the kit ?

* 5 peat pots
* 5 soil pellets
* Marigold seeds
* Carnation seeds
* Red nasturtium mix seeds
* Lavender seeds
* Pansy mix seeds
* 5 wooden labels
* Instructions of how to grow
* Lifetime email support

The kit has fully biodegradable pots made from peat. Everything comes in environment friendly packaging. All seeds are GMO-free.

Please be advised that germination time can vary a lot and take from a few days to up to 2-3 weeks.