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Gift wrapping and packaging

All our packaging is made from paper and cardboard. Handwritten gift cards can be made with custom message on simple demand.

Custom and personalized orders

If you are looking for a special mix of seeds, or a custom modification on one of our kits, just send us a message, and we will make you a personalized offer.

Care instructions

The seeds must be watered regularly to stay moist and germinate. Don't worry if it takes a while, some seeds need couple of weeks to germinate. 

Water should however not be always present, you want the peat pellet to be moist, but not drowned. 

The young seedlings must be protected from excessive cold or hot temperatures. 

Sufficient amount of light is needed for proper growth, especially in the northern regions or in winter.

Protect young seedlings from excessive sunlight in southern regions and in summer. 

If you wish to wait for later to start your kit, keep it in a dry and cool (but never freezing) place, away from the sunlight and heat sources.