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I always loved plants, and even went to college to study plant biology. I finally went to live in a homestead and growing with my wife a lot of our own food. We stick to the principle of permaculture. Check it out! It is like organic farming, but even better for the nature around us. 

But I also know it is not easy to keep a garden and to eat healthy with a modern lifestyle. The flat is tiny, the day busy, and there is barely enough time to cook anything. And gardening shops are too far away. 
This is why we create these easy to grow plant kits, to bring back more life and colours in kitchens, terraces and balconies. We wanted to make it so easy, that there is no reason to not bake desserts with ultra-fresh herbs, enjoy your urban garden and eat homegrown organic vegetables and fruits. And feel how much nicer a home looks when it is stocked with greens, flowers and fruits. 

We focus on heirloom varieties for our seeds (non-GMO, non modified seeds) and old varieties, because they offer waaaaaay more nutrients and vitamins than "modern" plants. After an extensive search, we managed to do all our packaging in cardboard and paper, making the kits completely biodegradable and renewable. 

I hope we will help making the world a bit greener and a bit healthier, one growing seed at a time.

- Jonathan from Seed Sensei